Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First day

So my first day of school was Tuesday. It was, to say the least, overwhelming. I had a 6 hr. long figure drawing class, which I have again tomorrow as well as an art history course. The students here are amazing. They're taught technique from day one. The school has 3 hr. long courses devoted to rendering, that's all they do, rendering. I've been getting painting and drawing lessons from my neighbor, who is not only a student, but he also teaches here. He has me using the Zorn palette. It's a limited palette that consists of ivory black, titanium white, yellow ochre, and cad. red light. It makes the most amazing colors; it's similar to the palette used by the old masters. I'm also being taught to draw with straight lines. It makes drawing so much easier. You use the straight lines to make points that when you connect them, they make your curves. It's easier to understand when it's done right in front of you. Anyhow, I've learned A LOT in just a couple days.

Here's a painting I've started with my new color palette

This is my studio

Same painting as above, just in its beginning stages

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